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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Alpha Colores came into existence in 2016 after I secured a two-year marketing contract with international Antolini Italy.

One night, as I lay awake in bed, dreaming about a unique and timeless name for my business. A name that could be used for all future marketing, sales, and consulting needs.

Being an Alpha female, I decided to exhibit my true nature in this first name. It was crucial to showcase my identity in various languages, such as Spanish, Italian, and English. Therefore, Alpha Colores was established.

As I traveled with Antolini, I started taking on additional projects for friends in the industry and local connections. In 2018, I changed our name to Alpha Colores Creative Marketing.

A desire to pursue creative projects during non-work hours sparked an idea. ACCM can assist small business owners in achieving their goals without imposing hourly 1099 billing. There are no contracts, salaries, or benefits necessary. Our small business helps your small business keeps budgets free from financial hangovers.

ACCM operates a sober working environment and only employ's sober associates for freelance work. If you would like more information on this topic, please email us.

Meet The Team

Some of our Clients

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