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We can customize any video to suit your company needs.

Video Work is priced by length & content required.

Enter Portfolio.

We follow the Strong Brand Social (SBS) model to create a brand strategy for any size business. 

We highly recommend reviewing what SBS has to offer before deciding to hire us to work with you. 

Once this process is completed, you will own the brand strategy for the life of your business and it does not change.  This is an investment into the business and worth the time and effort. 

ACCM charges a FLAT FEE to prepare a brand strategy.

The process takes approximately 1 month. 

Click the link to fill out our QUESTIONNAIRE to get started:

Playing Chinese chess

Use ACCM for any or all of your brands creative.

Our hourly fee is $100.00 / hr.  You will be amazed at what we can create in one hour. 

First we set you up as a brand in our systems.  If you have paid for a strategy package, this will already be in place. 

Once set up, we can pop out any number of marketing data for your business. 

Documents, Presentations, Video's, Website pages, print products, social media content, flyers, menu's, workbooks, journals, 

Concrete Wall

Got a topic you need to present?

Alpha will produce professionally packaged presentations for accreditation or other training/corporate function.

Send us the details of your required presentation.

Concrete Wall

We take on the day to day responsibility keeping your business pages full of activity & we'll even do your ads.

Contact us for more information regarding your brand strategy development & management fees.

Polyester Magazines

Logos, Catalogs, Flyers, Brochures, Special Event Materials, Menus, Announcements

Attached example is a simple catalog, please contact us for more details on your project.

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